Oil on linen
12" x 12"
Private Collection

I love the way the petals on gerbera daisies radiat outwards in such vibrant colors. It reminds me of a fireworks display. This painting was a finalist in the April 2018 Gateway International Painting Competition, and is featured in the September 2018 issue of Southwest Art magazine as part of a cover story on my journey as a plein air painter.

- Finalist, April, 2018- The Gateway International Painting Competition
Judge's Comment: "I could go on for pages and not sing this beauties praises enough. Whose in control of this painting? Patrick is! Those little Gerberas aren't the boss of him. Let's just focus on rhythm shall we; I could tap my toe to the notes those petals are playing. In less masterful hands, flower petals can easily take on a monotonous staccato. Not here, Patrick has these three ladies playing notes that swing us around the painting, dipping in-and-out of each warm and cool shadow and ping of light and resting in the shapes between flowers where we can take the full measure of this maestros orchestration. Rock on Patrick!

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(c) Patrick Saunders Fine Arts