Hobe Sound Blossoms
Oil on panel, 12"x16"
Private Collection

The Benefits of Painting Quickly

Sometimes, the best things to paint show up unexpectedly on the side of the road, but you have to act fast to catch them. During the Lighthouse ArtCenter Plein Air Festival, Kimberly and I explored the Hobe Sound neighborhood. As we got closer to the beach, and the homes became larger and larger, we came across these beautiful hibiscus flowers in someone's front yard. We parked the truck across the street and I set up to painting. It wasn't long before I noticed the rather large police presence in the neighborhood. A local couple stopped to check out my work and explained why. "Tiger Woods lives nearby. Don't be surprised if they kick you out of here soon." I knew I had to paint faster. In the meantime, Kimberly was being circled by locals suspiciously eying the truck. It was obvious that we didn't belong. I finished up as fast as I could - I think it was around one hour. As I walked back to the truck, I noticed a woman slowly walking by whom I had seen only 5 minutes earlier. She was taking a long hard look at our license plates. Time to move on. Sometimes it pays to paint fast!

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