Rosedale Memorial Arch
Oil on canvas, 24"x20"

The Rosedale Arch is a momument dedicated to the men of Rosedale, a neighborhood district and former municipality on the southern edge of Kansas City, Kansas, who served in World War I. Inspired by the Arc de Triomphe, the Arch was designed by John LeRoy Marshall, a Rosedale resident, and dedicated in 1924. Located on Mount Marty, the flood-lighted arch is most easily visible at night from the intersection of Rainbow Boulevard and Southwest Boulevard. A historic marker was dedicated under the arch in 1993 to honor the soldiers of World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War.

This is a studio version from a plein air sketch painted on an unusually warm day for a midwestern January. Kimberly and I had never visited the arch before, although we had seen it far atop a Kansas City hillside for many years as we passed on I-35. I brought my paints, and Kimberly her camera. If you live in the midwest, you know how important it is to get outside on a mild winter day.

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